South Africa: Day 7

I have lots of pictures from today but I never wrote a post while I was there. So instead of trying to recall all the facts and figures, I’m going to explain each picture as best as I can, and if you’re interested in learning more (i.e. learning about the South African equivalent of white flight) you can do some research for yourself. Enjoy!

Freedom Park

The eternal flame is a universal symbol honoring unrecognized warriors who died in defense of their country. It is set in this peaceful park as a solemn reminder of the price of unity and freedom.
South Africa is the in the process of collecting the names of everyone who died in the fight against apartheid. There are many empty bricks so martyrs discovered in the future can still be remembered for their sacrifice.
Even the plants here can kill you! I thought that was in Australia?
Memorial left for a WWI soldier.
Lekgotla, Isivivane, Garden of Remembrance. The Lekgotla is a stone semi-circle surrounding this uMlhalankosi tree under which African leaders would traditionally meet to discuss pressing issues. The Lekogotla lies within Isivivane, which is the spiritual resting place of those who died fighting for South Africa. Finally, the Garden of Remembrance houses Isivivane. All who enter the Garden are asked to remove their shoes and wash their hands out of respect for the dead.
Lesakaka, Isivivane, Garden of Remembrance. Each stone comes from one of the provinces of South Africa to form a burial ground honoring all who fought for South African unity and independence.
Isivivane, Garden of Remembrance. A peaceful garden. Water holds symbolic value for cleansing the body and spirit of those who enter the Garden.

Voortrekker Monument

Voortrekker Monument remembers the Dutch Afrikaners’ flight from British colonizers. They had lived relatively peacefully with the local Africans until the British forced them to move further inland and disrupt delicate tribal politics.
The massive structure houses raised carvings documenting the story of the Afrikaners’ flight.


Picture from the very top of the monument

 State House

A statue erected in honor of Nelson Mandela

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